It is the duty of the nation to maintain relations of brotherly kindness with other nations; therefore it is the duty of every family, as an integral part of the nation, to be able to hold brotherly speech with the families of other nations as opportunities arise; therefore to acquire the speech of neighbouring nations is not only to secure an inlet of knowledge and a means of culture, but is a duty of that higher morality (the morality of the family) which aims at universal brotherhood; therefore every family would do well to cultivate two languages besides the mother tongue, even in the nursery.”

Parents and Children, Charlotte Mason

Contact me if you are teaching any of the following,

  • English-speaking, Hispanic-heritage students
  • Spanish-speaking, Heritage speakers or recent immigrants
  • Bilingual, bi-cultural students with one or both parents speaking Spanish

It is perfectly possible to create a CM education that is faithful to your students’ origins, language(s) and/or culture(s). With our help, you may start here:

  • Discovering how the CM principles connect with a CM education in a 21st century school or home school room
  • Applying basic tenets of a CM education within a Hispanic and/or bilingual household in the USA in the light of areas of interest or personal concern
  • Brainstorming about cultural background, family and national history
  • Exploring personal or family connections with the history of the United States and/or the Americas
  • Identifying themes or topics of study for each subject of the wide feast, and potential resources that are culturally relevant and that comply with CM standards
  • Addressing cultural myths and ideas about education, religion, and the upbringing of children appropriate when applying CM principles within a Hispanic or bilingual/bicultural school or home school room
  • Setting models or patterns for a future school program that encompasses the needs and wants of the education you have in mind

Contact Us Today!

Let us know if you would like to receive a hand implementing or strengthening a Hispanic identity in your Charlotte Mason school/curriculum!

Jo can offer consultations for school and for home school educators offering some practical ideas to apply the Charlotte Mason method in Hispanic and/or bilingual contexts. Jo has experience seeking living books, identifying key cultural elements to include in a school curriculum and overarching school plans, planning bilingual curricula, among others. She includes unpublished translation of key documents from the PNEU and material that is customized for each consult reflecting hours of research, study and translation.

Consults are $50/hour via Phone, Google Meet or Skype, including materials and resources.

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